Innovation – individual solutions, efficiency and flexible operations


– maximum benefits at minimum costs, building enterprise value



– permanent and steady development, strategy optimization, goal focus




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about IBD Conor


IBD Conor – Innovation Business Development – we offer entrepreneurs as well as owners and management boards of companies an opportunity for their enterprises to go smoothly and efficiently through the key stages of business life.



As a result of correct analysis of the key resources and functioning processes as well as determining the current and expected value of the company, we are able to efficiently plan and conduct its growth and expansion, leading to a profitable exit from investment and implement complex and permanent correction actions in difficult situations or crises.





In order to achieve agreed objectives we introduce necessary changes with the optimal use of the instruments of enterprise management and financing business operations, including the investment offer of IBD fund.


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All operations included in the services provided by us are conducted by a team of experienced partners cooperating with experts – with a lot of practice in various aspects of business operations. Apart from professional consulting we also directly manage (co-manage) all processes aimed at reaching the assumed objectives.


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We hope that IBD Conor team and its experience can guarantee the success of the undertaken tasks.


For our clients it is an additional guarantee that the basis of the fee expected by us is the participation in the success achieved together – correct development of the company, its dynamic expansion, efficient restructuring or maximized divestment (exit) – measured by an increased business value, improved liquidity, reaching expected profits, etc.


We look forward to cooperating with you!

IBD Conor team